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Private YOGA Sessions

Private Sessions give you the opportunity to receive personalized attention from one of our experienced instructors. They give you a chance to ask lots of questions and get lots of answers! Private Sessions also give you the experience of having a practice designed just for you... with your goals, strengths, weaknesses, and special considerations in mind.

Here are some reasons why you might want to add private sessions into your weekly practice. They're helpful if:

  • You're a beginner and you want to get started in yoga without being overwhelmed or intimidated.
  • You want to go to the next level in your practice or work more in-depth.
  • Special needs instruction: Some individuals have needs that are not met by group classes. Maybe you have neck, back, shoulder or other acute and chronic physical injuries; or health concerns such as stress management, arthritis, chronic headaches, insomnia, cancer recovery, woman’s issues such as infertility or managing menopausal symptoms, etc.
  • You want to work toward a specific physical goal such as increased flexibility, balance, or strength; target problem areas like tight hips or hamstrings or weak knees.
  • You want to develop a home practice.
  • You can also sign up for semi-private sessions for you and a friend OR create a private class when family or friends come to visit!
    Not quite sure how to get started? Take advantage of our FREE 20-minute yoga assessment. Just make an appointment with Lisa by filling out the contact info below or by calling her at 435-714-1349.

Please fill out form below or call Lisa at 435-714-1349 for more info or to schedule a private.



Please fill out form or for short notice private sessions call Lisa on her mobile: 435-714-1349

*A credit card will be needed to reserve your session.


* Please make sure you call Lisa on her MOBILE at 435-714-1349 to make any changes or cancellations at least 24 hours before your private session.  Please DO NOT call the studio phone to leave a message of cancellation or changes.

 * Cancellations or 'No Shows' within 24 hours will result in a charge of the full price to your credit card.