All of the yoga offered at our studio is Hatha yoga but you will see that there are many different styles of Hatha so it gets pretty confusing. If you have any questions at all about what class you should be taking, please call for a FREE 15 minute assessment with Lisa or Sally. We're sure to answer all your questions. Call the studio today at 435-655-9642

VINYASA FLOW- An energetic flowing form of yoga in which postures are fluidly linked together in a continuous and moderate to challenging sequence (depending on the level) coupled with sun salutations. A great emphasis is placed on the coordination of breath with movement, leaving the student feeling energized and more focused.

GENTLE- Yoga does not have to be physically demanding to yield great benefits. This slower paced class is designed to be a safe and supportive environment adapted to your needs.

HATHA- Focusing on physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation while creating suppleness in the spine; promoting circulation in the organs, glands, and tissues and creating flexibility and alignment in the body, balancing physical health and mental well-being.

PRENATAL YOGAPrenatal Yoga classes provide a serene, supportive, community energy between mothers. This class includes postures, breathing, and meditation to help sooth the challenges of pregnancy, prepare expectant mothers for delivery as well as help ease postpartum recuperation. Classes offer mothers a time to build strength, focus and flexibility through a gentle practice designed specifically for the pregnant woman’s needs. Simple breathing and meditation techniques will be introduced to support the practice, bring attention inward as well as give an opportunity for Mama to connect to baby.

RESTORATIVE- Rejuvenating and restoring the body and mind are at the heart of Restorative. In this deeply rejuvenating class you will be taught the art of ‘active relaxation’ using bolsters, blankets, blocks, chairs or the wall to wonderfully support each yoga pose. Poses are held for several minutes at a time with the knowledge that the more the body is supported, the deeper the relaxation response will be. Invite yourself to enjoy the stillness that exists inside.

CREATIVE FLOW- Get your flow on and MORE! Different from class to class, you might have a theme to the class, music set list from different genres, chanting & meditation, creative movement, etc. Leave your expectations at the door and be open to this exciting and creative class. All levels welcome